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We were formed here in Savannah, Geogia in 2014 to offer the best affordable IT solution for small to medium businesses.  Some companies will try to sell you on certifications and what you don't need.  We set out to change that.  We offer experience for the price you can afford.  With a combination of over 20 years of real world experience, we set forth to prevent companies from either having to pay too much for contract work or having to pay for a full time IT engineer.


Here at ZoCom, we form a personal relationship with all of our clients and put your business on the priority list.  In order for us to better our business, we have to better your's.  In order to better your business, we have to look at your long term plan of how your business grows and what your business needs.  We only offer solutions that are fully scalable to fit your long term goal as well as your short term budget.


We are constantly adding partners to grow our arsenal of products and services to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in technology.  We are trained in all of our solutions and can demonstrate every one of them to show you what you will get before you decide to pull the trigger on something you have never seen.


It is our goal to put the customer first and ease the complexity of network and communications.  We are with you through all the steps including:


1.  Planning

2.  Implemenation

3.  Installation

4.  Launch

5.  Maintenance

6.  Upgrades or Restructure



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